Systems & Services

AssureNet provides the tools to foster positive, immediate, and long-lasting driver improvement and to reduce frequency and severity of losses. AssureNet also provides effective tools to better manage and accelerate the claims adjudication process. The result is reduced losses and lower premiums, lower maintenance costs, lower driver turnover, and a better-managed, more profitable fleet operation.

AssureNet works closely with fleets and their underwriters to select and integrate stable and mature Video Event Data Recorders (VEDRs), telematics platforms, active safety, and driver assistance systems from a list of approved partners. Monitoring and providing feedback is a key element of these programs and an integral requirement in achieving the desired results.

AssureNet also provides highly customizable and proprietary supporting technology and services for each vertical market to address primary 'cause of loss' factors. The AssureNet platform allows this information to be shared with sophisticated analytical systems and services developed by underwriters and technology providers. This process provides a closed loop system by which the insured and their underwriters can analyze their respective business operations and further reduce losses, manage risk and claims, and improve the insurance process.

Benefits to Fleet Owners and Operators

The benefits to the fleets are both significant and tangible. These benefits take the form of hard dollar loss reductions in all areas of the fleet's operation, including:

  • Reduced accidents and incidents of loss
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Reduced self-insured losses
  • Increased efficiency through continuous performance monitoring
  • Increased productivity through sophisticated analytics
  • Employee retention and increased profitability

AssureNet's Systems

Egress - An End to End System and Service For Managing Event Data

Egress is a mix of hardware and web services for fleets and underwriters to Capture, Secure, & Manage audio-video, accelerometer, and vehicle data from multiple sensors prior to, during, and immediately after an accident or other user-defined events. Egress also provides for the immediate wireless notification of loss and an emergency.

AssureNet securely transmits this data to a repository from where it can be Analyzed, Managed, and securely Distributed over the Web. This system provides customizable, on-demand risk and loss management services to fleet operators and underwriters.

Egress services address the high frequency, low severity loss segments of the transportation markets such as livery and the trades. AssureNet works with Video Event Data Recorder vendors to enhance their services with patented Egress communications hardware and software. Egress can manage data generated by any current or future Event Data Recorder whether the data is transmitted wirelessly or uploaded to the AssureNet platform manually.

Clearview - A Next Generation Safety Telematics, Driver Assistance and Scoring System

AssureNet's ClearView™ line of products and services address the low frequency, high severity loss segments of the transportation market such as over-the-road trucks and motor coach, which have different telematics and communications requirements and require additional services and technology. ClearView addresses risk signatures unique to these markets, including fatigue and distracted driving and the immediate determination of the causes of loss. These services integrate Advanced Driver Assistance Systems including Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Collision Avoidance (CA), Headway Monitoring (HWM), and Pedestrian/Bicycle/Motorcycle detection and warning with high-fidelity Video Event Data Recording systems and services similar to AssureNet's Egress products and services. The ClearView communications services provide immediate notification of an accident and or other emergency or event to further mitigate risk and loss.

Fleets and underwriters access ClearView services through the same AssureNet service portal as Egress, however ClearView includes an optional VEDR with 'Constant Record' capability as well as the Mobileye ADAS and provides immediate accident or event notification. At the heart of the ClearView system and services is an integration between Mobileye Inc., the leader in ADAS and AssureNet's service platform.

AssureNet's Services

AssureNet's current services prevent accidents, manage risk, and provide fleet owners with knowledge-based recommendations on vehicle, driver, and asset utilization. For the underwriter, AssureNet provides an infrastructure for risk management, delivery of critical accident data and streamlined claims handling as well as a platform for future underwriting programs.

Future services will enable third party applications and analytics and will allow easy integration with established systems and standards including real-time accident notification to First Responders and automated insurance claims handling applications.

AssureNet provides a platform for its customers, partners, and third parties that guarantees data integrity and privacy protection. The immediately valuable operational and loss-related information generated by these sophisticated systems during normal operation as well as around accidents and other significant 'events' is stored and managed to implement sophisticated services and analytical models.

ClaimSpace - A Portal for Claims Handling and Litigation Support

ClaimSpace is a web portal for the secure sharing of, and collaboration around, accident data. ClaimSpace allows claims personnel, attorneys, analysts, and subrogation groups to efficiently manage accident and operational information including video, audio, GPS location/tracking, accelerometer, and vehicle system data - generated by event data recorders and other telematics.

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