Event Data

The transportation and insurance industries are negatively affected by several issues related to poor crash data and other event information and are forced to rely on incomplete and unreliable information. The result has been sub-optimal claims analysis and adjustment, larger operational losses for fleets as well as increased loss reserves and decreased profitability for underwriters. Data generated by the vehicle's on-board systems and collected from advanced telematics provides the content and associated metadata that accurately describes the 'who, what, when and where' of accidents and other significant events.

One particular problem is that the vast majority of all vehicular insurance 'events' include crashes that occur at low speeds, which provide less data than high speed crashes. At the other end of the accident frequency spectrum are those very few severe accidents that result in the largest losses for which there is little or no data to determine what occurred. Meanwhile, data useful to combat theft and fraud is practically nonexistent. In all cases, without reliable data as evidence, insurance companies have a greater burden – and higher costs – determining fault and identifying fraud. It’s clear that the transportation and insurance industries have a growing need for objective, detailed information to determine the root cause of all events and crashes.

AssureNet collects,manages and securely distributes precise data about vehicle performance and driving behavior generated by vehicle 'black box' technology including Event Data Recorders., AssureNet integrates data from on-board systems, GPS tracking and fleet management systems, active-safety, and Advanced Drive Assistance Systems with the goal of preventing accidents in the first place and determining fault should the accident or event occur.