About Us

For more than a decade, the founders of AssureNet have been developing products and services to improve the transportation and insurance industries. We’ve been pioneers in developing and deploying technology that has not only saved lives, but also improving the profitability of fleet operators and underwriters.

In the late 1990’s, the founders created the first vehicle Video Event Data Recorder to digitally record accidents and other events for transmission directly to the fleet operator and their insurance company. Realizing the growing value of the collected data, the founders created the concept of a Safety Data Vault, where data from accidents, including video, audio and sensor data can be analyzed and stored for future use. They then founded FleetRisk Advisors, the leading predictive analytics provider to the transportation and commercial automotive industries. At FleetRisk, the founders – working in partnership with Circadian, Inc. – were responsible for developing the first automated predictive fatigue management system for managing loss within large transportation fleets. This technology was licensed to Qualcomm as the basis of their Predictive Performance System. FleetRisk Advisors was recently acquired by Qualcomm.

Applying the lessons learned, AssureNet was founded to provide a comprehensive suite of technology-based risk management and loss reduction services to fleet operators and the commercial automobile insurance industry. These services prevent accidents while allowing for easy determination of fault. They are delivered by experienced industry professionals and supported by the latest telematics and active-safety technology.

AssureNet delivers a web-based platform for advanced fleet management and underwriting services, a source of reliable data and an early warning system for loss prevention and improved vehicle safety.

AssureNet services allow underwriters and fleet operators to:

  • Prevent Accidents
  • Predict and Mitigate Risk
  • Determine Fault
  • Facilitate insurance claim settlements
  • Price risk more accurately
  • Increase fleet and underwriting profitability

For manufacturers and researchers, AssureNet provides the data and services to help predict trends, improve our clients products and services, and prevent recalls.

AssureNet also provides a platform for future transportation and insurance applications and analytics including real-time delivery of critical accident data to First Responders and automated insurance claims handling applications.