Claim Space™

A Portal for Handling Claims and Litigation Support

ClaimSpace is a web-based service for the secure sharing of, and collaboration around, accident and event data. ClaimSpace allows claims personnel, attorneys, analysts, and subrogation groups to efficiently manage loss related content including event video, audio, image, GPS location/tracking, accelerometer, and vehicle system and sensor data. This content collected by the vehicle systems and generated by event data recorders and other telematics, as well as the data generated as a result of the investigative and settlement process, is managed within ClaimSpace which also provides a platform for 3rd party service integration and application development.

ClaimSpace services encompass the requirements of our fleet and insurance partners, including third parties such as biomechanical and other analysts and subrogation services. ClaimSpace also provides the appropriate technical interfaces for customization of AssureNet's web services by our customers, clients, and partners to manage, maintain, and update individual event data and to share this data with other business processes and systems.