Driving Intelligent Safety
Harness the Internet of Moving Things to Predict Risk, Prevent Loss and Determine Cause.

We don’t have a crystal ball but we do have humongous data and the most advanced algorithms to predict the next source of loss. If our analytics don’t match your risk, no problem… Bring your own.

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AssureNet’s predictive analytics and advanced sensors make the road a safer place for all those that share it.


AssureNet provides a flexible platform for simple or sophisticated usage-based insurance programs based upon a new generation of IoT devices that incorporate more precise sensors and advanced applications.

AssureNet’s services can reduce the frequency of accidents and vehicle abuse that plagues the livery industry. Immediately identify risky driving behavior, prevent accidents and other incidents and settle claims quickly.

The severity of a motorcoach accident is compounded because of the many lives at stake. AssureNet helps to reduce losses due to fatigue, distraction and loss of situational awareness.

The AssureNet founders developed the first predictive analytics system for managing risk in the trucking industry including aggregation analytics, risk signature analysis, predictive modeling and pattern recognition. The result was a driver scoring model, a new applicant scoring model, a dispatch risk-score model, and a customer profitability model, which takes safety into account.

AssureNet is working in specific verticals to model, determine and address unique risk factors for all vehicles that share our roads.


Prevent loss through a better understanding of loss causes, accurately predicting emerging risk, and effectively deploying in-vehicle technologies, applications and data services.


AssureNet has partnered with leading telematics and IoT companies to deliver tailored solutions to vertical markets. If you’ve already made an investment in telematics, ADAS or IoT, or prefer a specific solution, no worries… We invite our customers and partners to ‘bring your own device’ and provide an API to integrate new devices.

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Higher fidelity sensor data provides a better understanding of the circumstances that lead to accidents. AssureNet’s ClaimSpace services integrate with insurance systems to accelerate the claims handling process and more accurately and effectively adjudicate claims.

We help drivers, fleets and underwriters reduce the frequency and severity of loss and accurately determine fault and fairly adjust claims.



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